Welcome to Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Rajapalayam


Our School Entrance Chinmaya Vidyalaya is an English medium co-educational day school which educates students from ages 3 to 17 years in two separate sites.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Srimathi P.A.C.R. Sethuramammal Nursery & Primary School
@ PSK Nagar    For pupils aged 3 to 10

Chinmaya Vidyalaya P.A.C.Ramasamy Raja Matriculation Higher Secondary School
@ Ilanthope    For pupils aged 10 to 17

The transfer through the schools is based upon successful continuous assessment, with an aim to deliver uninterrupted education throughout a pupil's school life.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya aims to develop the interests and talents of each child so that he or she feels wanted and valued, and to achieve the best academic standard which each child is capable of.

The school has all the modern conveniences and is equipped with the latest technology. Words can only go some way to describe the quality of education offered at Chinmaya Vidyalaya and the beauty of its surroundings. The truly all-round education ensures that Vidyalaya's students leave as confident, tolerant and ambitious individuals who are leaders and life-long learners.

There are three points of entry into the school

  •   3 + (7 years)     Nursery & Primary
  • 10 + (5 years)     High School
  • 15 + (2 years)     Higher Secondary

Most of the students joining the Junior Nursery which is the first entry point pass through the High School & the Higher Secondary School. Occasionally there are places available in other years - these are called "chance vacancies".

The parents are entitled to receive relevant information concerning their child. Parents are expected to give their support and encouragement to the aims of the school, to uphold and promote its good name; to continue the pupil's education at home and to ensure that the pupil maintains appropriate standards in punctuality, behaviour, diligence, language, discipline and dress.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Smt P.A.C.R. Sethuramammal Nursery and Primary School campus at P.S.K.Nagar is located at the heart of Rajapalayam, overlooked by the spectacular Sanjeevi Hills. The campus caters exclusively to the nursery & primary students (from Kindergarten to Std V).

Affiliated to the Chinmaya Mission, the primary goal of the school is to focus on the overall development of children. This school, framed with strong values, encourages each student to strive for excellence in studies and personality development.

All the learning in the school is programmed to inculcate in the learners a balanced personality wherein intellectual, emotional and spiritual values are harmoniously blended.

This smart school - a home to outstanding facilities and excellent teaching - implements the newest teaching methods, such as e-learning. The junior campus assures that both the teaching and the learning meet the highest international standards.

Academic rigour and outstanding co-curricular provisions are at the heart of the school.

It has a free and stimulating family environment where children's intellectual, physical, cultural, artistic and communication skills develop and flourish, aided with modern conveniences, age-appropriate facilities and latest technology.

"There is no greater influence on school improvement than the classroom teacher."

The school has well qualified and talented teachers with proven track record. One of the reasons for the continued performance of our school is the dedication of our teachers. They are not only highly skilled but also friendly, and affectionate to students. They are committed to high quality teaching that maximises a student's learning and well being.

Every member of the staff is able to provide utmost care for each student, as student-teacher ratio is maintained at 1:19. Our staff members believe in team work and thus provide an enriching and enduring learning experience for every student. They share ideas and work collaboratively to turn dreams into results. Our dynamic staff team implements innovative teaching and learning processes that take students through an exciting journey of success.

All teachers receive salary and benefits that are among the best in the State. At the Nursery & Primary School, the day begins with assembly at 9:00 a.m and continues with nine periods of study until 3:50 p.m.