Motto, Vision & Ideology

Our Objectives

Chinmaya Vidyalaya welcomes talented boys and girls from diverse backgrounds. Our school represents a tolerant, harmonious community that transforms students into responsible citizens who will be : academically enriched, qualified with a range of skills and interests beyond the curriculum, sensitive to the needs of others, tolerant to others' beliefs and compassionate.

Our Aims are

  • To inspire students and develop love for life-long learning.
  • To establish a coherent curriculum with a clear set of values
  • To equip students with relevant knowledge, understanding and skills to achieve their full academic potential.
  • To ensure that the assessments are rigorous and consistent.
  • To provide a continuum for students from Kindergarten to 12th standard.
  • To develop a mindset that is exciting, challenging, academically ambitious yet fun loving.

The core set of principles and skills we seek to promote include

  • Enquiry
  • Creativity
  • Independent learning
  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Team work
  • International awareness

We try to achieve these aims by

  • creating an environment where relationships are consistent and based on mutual respect.
  • promoting moral values and encouraging an awareness and understanding of the different ways of life.
  • ensuring that students understand what is expected of them and educating them to be considerate, courteous and honest.
  • providing opportunities for pupils to evolve into self reliant, socially and culturally aware citizens.
  • delivering stimulating lessons that promote academic rigour to enable students to excel in their academic achievements.
  • creating an orderly environment where students work hard with a sense of commitment and enjoyment, take pride in their work and appreciate the value of what they are learning and respond to challenges.
  • involving parents fully in their children's education by regularly and effectively communicating and collaborating with them.
  • recruiting and retaining staff of high standards and providing them with satisfying and stimulating careers through continuing professional development training.

In accordance with our objectives, we provide a curriculum that is as broad and balanced as possible. We are able to design and develop our curriculum based on "Samacheer Kalvi" syllabus, yet not constrained by it.

The school also aims to strike a balance between academic and co-curricular activities, spiritual development and the pursuit of leisure activities. The school respects the human rights of its students and their parents who in turn understand that the school's lawful policies and rules must sometimes take precedence over the wishes of individuals. We are committed to high standards of teaching and care and welcome parents to interact with us.

The ethos of our school is to foster good relationships among the members of staff, among students and between members of the staff and students.