Clubs & Committees

Clubs and Committees of our school were started to hone the creative skills of our students.

English Literary Club

BELL - Blooming English Literary League

The school provides facilities for a number of Talent Search Programmes through BELL besides the academic curriculum. These activities are meant to develop communication abilities. They also help students utilise their leisure time usefully. It also gives the students an experience of fellowship and mutual-aid which are the essential ingredients of a well-balanced personality. Participation in most of these activities is compulsory.

List of Literary Activities undertaken every year are:

  • Dramatics
  • Recitation
  • Public Speaking
  • Essay Writing
  • Story Telling
  • Debate
  • Elocution

Science Club

Science Sense

Science Sense is a place for us to make sense of the world and rail against the nonsense.

Children are in search of explanations and constantly question How? Why? and Why not? In our Science Sense Club, we create enjoyable, interesting and thought provoking activities that cater to their science quest. The experiments are designed to entice our young scientists with the excitement and fun of scientific investigation.

Hands on Maths Club

The aim of "Hands on Math Club" is to explore and understand mathematical concepts through active involvement in mock shopping and quizzing. It is activity centered. The children are placed in problem solving situations. They explore and discover solutions based on their experience, needs and interests. The Math Club activities help students overcome phobia of the subject and make it more interesting.