Social Activities

"Everybody exists,
It is only a few who live.
To live one should have an Ideal"

Global & Environmental Awareness Programmes

Awareness of and care for the local and global environment is very important for every student. The school develops programmes that range from practical projects to fieldwork. These projects involve conservation and ecological improvement of the local environment. It is expected that each student individually develop habits, which in some small way, will protect the local environment.

Every year programmes like campaigns and guest lectures are organised to create awareness among students to protect the environment.

Save Elephants

An awareness programme on 'Getting along with elephants' was organized on 20/10/2012 in the school to commemorate National Wildlife Week. Dr. Kalaivanan, the Elephant Specialist and T. S. Subramanian, Secretary of WAR were the guests. Children led out a procession wearing elephant masks and other items from the elephant-kit given by WAR (Wildlife Association of Rajapalayam). Students from std 3 - 5 presented a variety of programmes highlighting the need to save elephants, the adverse effects of poaching and illegal ivory trade.

Planting A Sapling On Birthdays

Modern man works to conquer Mother Nature but it is nature that makes life possible on the earth. Nature serves man without any expectations. To invoke a sense of reverence to nature , students of the Junior school are encouraged to plant saplings on their birthdays at the school campus. This action gives them a chance to make their campus green.