Arts & Crafts

Fine Arts & Crafts is essential for a student's intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth and well-being. Dance, drama, music, and visual arts develop the ability of the students to think creatively and critically. They encourage innovative thinking, spontaneity, intuition, divergent thinking, and improvisation. Learning through art fosters integration of a student's sensory, cognitive, emotional, and motor skills. Participation in art activities helps students develop their ability to listen, observe, and enables them to become self-confident.

Art provides a natural vehicle through which students can express themselves, explore and interpret the world around them. They also learn to appreciate the similarities and differences among various forms of artistic expression of people around the world. Fostering a love of art in students, even if they do not intend to be professional artists, will enrich their future experience as audience.

Fine Art classes are introduced as a part of the co-curricular activity. Fine Art classes in vocal music, violin, veena, mridangam and bharatanatyam are conducted on Tuesdays. Under these program students of standard I learn either dance or vocal music. For students from standards II - V, we teach vocal, veena, violin, mridangam and bharatanatyam. Students are given the opportunity to learn an art of their choice.

Drawing & Painting:

  • Drawing and painting classes form a part of the co-curriculum in our school.
  • The class provides opportunities for children from standards I to V to express themselves in a creative and happy way.
  • Art classes offer freedom of thought and expression. Children cut, paste, colour, paint and draw during these class hours.
  • Students from standards I to V have taken part in umpteen number of drawing and colouring competitions and have won laurels.