Our school library is spacious and highly ventilated with sophisticated seating arrangements for children. There is a wide range of fiction and information books. Books may be borrowed for both academic and recreational needs.

Library is accessible and membership is open to all students and teachers of our school. It offers an attractive and comfortable environment for students to come and work or relax with a book or a newspaper. It is staffed by a librarian who helps and encourages students to fully use the library.

Currently, the library has over 4000 books and is constantly updated to meet the changing needs of the curriculum and reading needs of students. The fiction section caters to students of all ages with a wide range of interests and abilities. Non-fiction books are available on all curriculums, general and recreational subjects.

The library has books from pedagogy to philosophy, for the reference of teachers. The library also organizes book exhibitions every year.

The library includes -

  • Reference books
  • Story books
  • Children's reading books
  • Vernacular books
  • Periodicals