Unique Facilities


We mostly utilize UK software to assist the teaching of subjects through lively animations, demonstrations, and activities. Students are exposed to the typing software at Class IV and they get well accustomed to the keyboard. This enables in 'Self Assisted Learning' in higher classes.

Students' pronunciation and reading skills are enhanced as they are encouraged to explore individually with headphones during English Language Lab activities.

Interactive White Board

Interactive white board from SMART Technologies with their Notebook Software has transformed our present day classrooms into technology-enabled classrooms.

It has revolutionized the way a teacher teaches in the classroom making the learning process both cognitive and constructive. It is an innovative technology that helps the students benefit from animations and audio visual inputs, based on the topics learnt. The digitalized classes offer a practical approach that focuses on the child's interest and helps them to be aware of a wide diversity of learning styles. This technology offers suitable aid for students from standards I to V.

The Smart Technology-assisted interactive white board has become a vital component of our teaching. Teachers prepare lesson plans by using Notebook software and accessing educational websites, downloading essential study materials and taking them to classrooms. The classroom boundaries become unlimited with the use of the interactive white board, as students travel beyond their text books with the teacher, which makes learning lively as well as interactive.


It is one of the salient and distinguishing features that contributes towards making the school exclusive and exceptional. The staff room houses computers networked with the Computer lab and connected to internet.