Competitive Exams


National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is conducted for standard X students by National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), New Delhi.

The examination consists of a Mental Ability Test (MAT) and a Scholastic Ability Test (SAT). The amount of scholarship is Rs. 500/- per month for all students (irrespective of class/course they pursue after standard X) who clear their NTSE exam successfully.

Every year, students of our school, who have secured more than 80% of marks in the standard IX annual examination, take part in the NTSE exams.

Velammal Science Talent Search

Velammal School, Chennai conducts a science talent exam for all classes from Standard I to XII every year. The examination is conducted in two rounds. The preliminary round is held at our school. The final round of exam is held at Madurai, where the Regional Headquarters of the School is located. The questions are from Maths and Science for each level. Our students take part in this exam regularly and a few have won cash awards.

Indian Institute of Metals Quiz

Since 1990, the Kalpakkam Chapter of the Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) has been conducting, the Metals and Materials Quiz for the students of standard XI and XII to create awareness among students about the excitement of materials science and importance of metallurgy and materials in industrial and technological development. Our students regularly participate in the quiz and bring laurels to the school.

Shell Junior National Science Scholarship

Shell India, in partnership with British Council and National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), as a knowledge partner conducts national level exam on science topics (physics, chemistry, and mathematics) and energy-related issues for students from standards IX and X. The school encourages aspirant scholars to take part in the exam by providing registration details and date for application.


The programme aims at promoting excellence in science and mathematics among school students. The Olympiad programmes in physics, chemistry, Biology, astronomy and junior science consist of five stages for each subject. The first stage for each subject is organized by the Indian Association of Physics teachers (IAPT) and all the remaining stages are organized by Homi Babha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE). The Mathematics Olympiad is conducted under the aegis of the National Board of Higher Mathematics. All relevant details pertaining to the enrolment would be furnished by our staff.

NMTC (National Mathematics Talent Contests)

The AMTI (The Association of Mathematics Teachers of India) organises Maths Talent Tests in India, to discover and encourage students who have the capacity for original and creative thinking and readiness to solve unfamiliar and non-routine problems, thus exhibiting a general mathematical ability appropriate to their level. Participation in such programmes would make students brighter, sharper and also competitive.