Our school is not merely a place where children learn alphabets, arithmetic, and science, but also learn to get along with other people and develop social skills. We want our students to become the instruments of change to develop an integrated nation.

To achieve this, we never leave a single stone unturned and one of our strategies is to assign them special projects apart from the curriculum-based projects. Through these projects, we aim to equip our students with ideas and values that would help them enter into the stream of the real world.

Here are a few samples.

Our students collected different types of butterflies from our green campus, preserved them and later identified their names, 'orange tip, plain tiger, crimson red', after immersing themselves in the books of our library.

Our students had also undertaken a project on 'Wild Life' and few intriguing topics of the project were,

  • geological time line
  • common birds and rare birds
  • extinct birds
  • grizzled squirrel
  • endangered and extinct animals
  • measuring the height of a tree
  • calculating the age of the tree
  • demonstration of a food web
  • names of the trees in our campus

They have also worked on projects like 'Distance between aim and success', 'Searching their roots', 'Temple arts', etc. We give holiday projects for every class that foster study beyond the text books.