Clubs & Committees

Our school has various theme-based clubs for the overall development of our students. All Clubs meet periodically every Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and students take part enthusiastically in club-related activities. Following are the details of our Clubs and their activities:

Tuning Folks

The English Department caters to the activities of this club. In addition to improving the language skills of students, the activities are modeled to tune the personality of our students and thus enable them to become well balanced personalities.

Explore Mathematics

The Club primarily aims at nurturing the creativity of students and explaining the applications of mathematical concepts in real life situations. Activities are planned to enhance memory and attention through challenges.

Paventhar Illakiya Mandram

Our Tamil Department focuses on preparing our students for various competitions like extempore, creative writing, debating through suitable activities.

Heritage Club

Our Heritage Club was established with an aim to create awareness among our students to protect and preserve the beauty and richness of India's culture and heritage. The activities never fail to attract the eager and enthusiastic participation of students.

Science Club

The club encourages hands on experiments to enrich the scientific spirit of enquiry and inquisitiveness. Students enjoy knowing the applications of scientific principles in day to day life.

Purna Vidya Club

The club takes our students into our Great Vedic Period through its well-executed activities like listing of our great seers and sages, scientists, inventions of ancient India, vedic maths, among others.

Eco Club

Students are engaged in various activities like trekking, celebrating World Ozone Day, World Habitat Day, and such other days of celebrations that aim at creating an eco-friendly outlook towards our environment and measures to prevent its degradation.