Daily Assembly

Every working day at Chinmaya dawns with a unique significance at our daily assembly that provides all the resources to replenish our students with the energy they need to face the action packed day ahead. Students from all the classes attend the daily assembly, conducted in front of the temple from 8:20 am to 8:40 am.

We commence every week with flag hoisting in the lawn every Monday, followed by the National Pledge and National Anthem - this creates a patriotic ambience.

The regular schedule of our daily assembly is as follows. Each class is given a chance to perform in the assembly.

  • A common prayer.
  • A distinct set of slokas for each day of the week.
  • News reading by a student.
    • Daily News on all days except Friday.
    • The World This Week on Friday.
  • Presenting GK questions by students (On Friday only).
  • Speech - all days.
    • By a student       (on Fridays in Tamil).
    • By a teacher       on Values and Ethics.

Friday Bhajan

On Fridays and on all other auspicious occasions we commence our day with a bhajan session before assembly. A set of well-trained students take the lead with songs from the Chinmaya Mission Bhajan Book, while all others follow them with sincere devotion and dedication. This exceptionally divine activity enables our students to control the mind and helps them soar to higher realms of spirituality.