The Library has long played a central role as an intellectual stimulator, serving generations of Chinmayans and their teachers by lending materials from its comprehensive collection.

It is accessible and open to all members of the school. It offers an attractive and comfortable environment for students to come and work or relax with a book or a newspaper. It is staffed by a professional librarian.

Right from the primary school, children are encouraged to use the library in their free time. Children also have a weekly library period. Using the Dewey decimal classification system, they are taught how to use the library for research. The librarian helps children in their selection of fiction and poetry for personal reading. The collection covers a variety of themes that are integrated with current general subject topics for each age group. These include: fairy tales; tables; artifacts; cultural legends; people of the world; myths and legends.

There is a wide range of fiction and reference books. Books may be borrowed for both academic and recreational needs. Computers enable students to search the library database.

Currently, the library has over 12000 books and is constantly updated to meet the changing needs of the curriculum and recreational reading needs of students. The fiction stock covers all reading ages of the school and caters to a wide range of tastes and abilities. Information books are available on all curriculums, general and recreational subjects.

The Library in the Senior School is arranged on two floors - ground and mezzanine. The ground floor houses all collections that are meant for lending. The mezzanine floor houses all collections meant only for reference.

Resources available include

  • books covering academic and leisure interests
  • magazines and journals
  • daily and - weekly newspapers
  • CDs and DVDs