Unique Facilities

The school provides students and teachers with multiple experiences, combined with a diversity of numerous extra-curricular activities. Technology is integrated at all levels to bring in a rich educational mix to all our students by providing unique facilities that are designed for both teachers and students to achieve their best potentials.

Optical Fibre Cable Connectivity

Our school has Optical Fibre Cable connectivity. Powered by broadband connectivity and state-of-art server, the school harnesses the power of these technologies.

Interactive White Board

The Smart technology - interactive white board assisted with its "Notebook" software is a vital component in all our teaching practices. The digitalized classes offer a practical approach and make the learning process both cognitive and constructive.

Environment Conscious Community

The school is best positioned to foster, educate and create an environment-conscious community, with its lush green surroundings. Expending one's formative years in the lap of nature is an exclusive privilege limited only to the Chinmayans. Converting grove lands to concrete jungles has been meticulously avoided with the classroom blocks getting placed among trees in the grove, without disturbing the vegetation. So, no Chinmayan kid is ever away from nature, for we practise what we preach.

Multi-faceted Development

Ensuring holistic development of students has become an important responsibility of schools. We ensure that the development of our students is multifaceted by offering them activities that are related to studies and projects that are co-curricular in nature. The affectionate guidance, loving care and concern and personalized instruction ensure a successful incubation and passover of students into society.

Staff Room

The Staff Room is one that makes a school exclusive and exceptional in the sphere of higher secondary school education. Our staff room has computers connected to school network.